Things to note before taking blood gas

Some factors can affect blood gas measurements and interfere with clinical judgment, so a number blood gas analyzer of conditions should be noted before blood gas is drawn:

  1. Patient mood and body temperature

If a patient has just finished learning activities, or if he or she is agitated or has a fever, the results of the blood gas analysis will be affected.

We should wait until the patient is rested, calm and has a normal body temperature before collecting blood. If the temperature is difficult to control, a correction should be made by inputting the temperature value during the test.

  1. Oxygen status

If the patient continues to be on oxygen, it is recommended that oxygen be stopped for 30 minutes prior to blood sampling.

If it is not possible to stop oxygenation, oxygenation parameters should be entered during the test. For patients with changed oxygenation parameters, it is best to take blood after 30 minutes of the new oxygenation status.

Of course, in an emergency situation, nothing is left undone.

Appendix: Instructions for incomplete use of blood gas analyzer.

Point-of-Care Diagnosis (POCT) is becoming more and more respected and valued, and many non-ICU clinical research departments are equipped with blood gas analysis machines.

This finally eliminates the need to check blood gases, wait for more than 10 minutes to check with the property, and then wait for an hour at the computer for the results.


What? Do not know how to use?

Will use the refrigerator elephant not?

If you know how to use the refrigerator, you will know how to use the blood gas machine. Similarly, there are three steps to using a blood gas machine:

Step 1: Sampling

Nowadays, it is common to use a BD needle to puncture directly into the radial or femoral artery.

Step 2: Get on the machine

You check or not, the blood gas machine is right there with us, you just need the student to gently walk to it already.

Step 3: Testing

Extend your index finger, or middle finger ……

Click “ok” and you will see a miracle.

What happens after that?

After that we are to carry out oxygen, sputum, acid, fluid, blood transfusions, called the consultation …… what to do what to do.

The blood gas is checked, can be easier to get?

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