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I’ve only recently started taking an interest in Cryptocurrency but I know it is going to figure heavily in poker (it already is) so I’ve been teaching myself about it, interviewing experts in the space and I now have enough of my own net worth in it to care about how it goes. I want to share what I’m learning on this site, but please don’t class me as an expert because I’m probably only a few months ahead of a complete newbie. Litecoin is a new form of currency that was launched in 2008. It is a cryptocurrency and is available in digital space. You can use it nowadays to fund your online casino experience. Casinos also allow players to withdraw their winnings in Litecoins.

The first two and a half years Litecoin went from being an unknown cryptography to a niche online currency. In February 2010, was the first company that traded in Litecoins. The abbreviation for Litecoin is LTC. A single Litecoin is 1LTC. If you want to transfer Litecoins from your wallet to an online casino , you’ll need the operator’s public key.Litecoins.

In Australia, Litecoin can be bought with cash at over 1,200 newsagents. So instead of going through two different Litecoin wallets before depositing funds into a Litecoin online poker site, players will be able to simply make a cash purchase of Litecoin, and transfer those funds into the poker room of their choosing, making the process almost as easy as depositing traditional currency into a poker site before doing so was deemed illegal. This should soften the blow of what is surely a frustrating situation for Australian poker enthusiasts, who just want to do as they please with their money.

One of the reasons why more and more poker players are swapping out their regular cash rooms with Litecoin poker rooms is due to the softer fields that you find in Litecoin poker rooms. While regular poker sites are becoming more and more infested with good regular players who uses advanced programs to help them statistically and give them an edge over the other players, Litecoin sites are not really interested in having their poker ecology destroyed.

New Live Dealer Games Generate Extraordinary response

The latest Live stream Casino Games Get Unparalleled response from Players globally.

Live casino games broadcast real-time online game from a real casino or alternatively from dedicated studios.  Using advanced technologies Live High Resultion
  videos and sounds  broadcasted to the gaming client who,today can play blackjack,  baccarat or keno easily from any location they desire . the players can play on their desktop pc or even on their huge 50inch Home Theater. The main difference between the 3rd generation live casino games  and the old fashion 3D on line casino games ,apart from of the look and the realisitic feel, is that live croupier  games are played VS. a live casino dealer using real cards, spinning authentic roulette wheel and not against software the generates the winnings and losses . At this time, on line casinos provide outstanding quality live games with young , specialist, attractive dealers that make you really feel excactly as if you are playing at a casino club in London, Macao or Paris. The result is conclusively fascinating, flashy and shocking.



 William Hill Macao Studio

 In these modern times enthusiastic gamers are able to easily play live roulette on cellular and tablet in both portrait or panorama setting while simultaneously being able to watch the table bets simultaneously they observe the Cards are delt.

Sexy Dealers





mobile Marketing In China

WeChat Marketing

WeChat has become the promised land when it comes to conducting a social network campaign in China. It provide a wide range of services: Instant Messaging, like Whatsapp and Snapchat. Moments, are WeChat’s version of Facbook. users post via their profile, and it can be seen on your contacts’ Moments. Official accounts with aubscription. Probably the most beloved feature for marketers and content creators alike. Microsites and app-within-the-app. You can have your own website or app running inside the application. It opens great possibility for brands aswell as online retailers. WeChat e-wallet provides users the opportunity to connect the platform to their bank. Therefore, allowing them to use the app as a method of payment in many shops. You can also buy directly online or in the WeChat mobile commerce platform. Transactions can be made simply by scanning a QR code or transferring payments to other users.

WeChat has grown to be the promised land as it pertains to executing a social network campaign in China. It presents a collection of different of features: Instant Messaging, like Whatsapp and Snapchat. Moments, are WeChat’s version of Facbook. users post via their profile, and it can easily be seen on their contacts’ Moments.

Official accounts with aubscription. Probably the most favorite characteristic for marketers and content creators alike.

Microsites and app-within-the-app.

Users can have their own website or app running inside the application. It opens wonderful potential for brands aswell as online businesses.

WeChat e-wallet supplies users the opportunity to connect the platform to their bank. Therefore, permitting them to use the app as a method of payment in loads of shops. You can also buy instantly online or in the WeChat mobile commerce platform. Transactions can be made easily by scanning a QR code or transferring payments to other persons.


QQ marketing –
QQ is the most popular free instant messaging software China, and the world’s third most popular IM service. Since its entrance into Chinese households QQ expediently turned up as a modern cultural phenomenon, now being portrayed in popular culture. Aside from the chat program, QQ has also developed many subfeatures including groups, games, pets, ringtone downloads, etc.

QQ has 340 million active users in China

Intelligent mobile Marketing Solutions



The first  technique to get an inventory going for an cellular advertising campaign is the quaint approach – asking for it. Whether it’s at the register as you might be checking them out or with a sign-up sheet and pen, simply be sure you ask. If they’re your clients already, simply point out the words sale or low cost and they’ll have not a difficulty giving you the information.


if the identical strategies would benefit your particular scenario. {a single{  One dimension does NOT match all. By offering personalised, relevant content material and provides on the appropriate platform, in the correct format for customers is vital. Firms that work to achieve perception into how, when and the place their prospects purchase will be capable of formulate pertinent communications and offers and finally drive extra sales.
Listed here are some traits that model marketers need to watch out to stay on high in 2015.  


want To draw an enormous audience and enhance its relations with future prospects, you can even permit buyer recommendation and opinion to be shown as a way to appeal to people near to the shop. If you wish to develop your brand and attain a big audience, WeChat is the very best resolution
Intelligent Mobile Marketing Services On All Major Platforms


Our Mobile Marketing solution delivers clever advertising sloutions for WeChat, QQ mobile, QQ news , FaceBook, WhatsApp 5 APP WeChat, QQ mobile, QQ news , FaceBook, and WhatsApp 5 APP , mixed utilizing cell phone cloud based intelligent management system and APP control platform,


AxiTrader Demo Account Simulated trading is an integral component of the trading education process and equally as important for experienced traders attempting to test new ideas. Pro Spreads provide a training spread wagering account. That is a spread  wagering account rather than CFD account however the mechanics are extremely similar. As this is officially ‘wagering’ rather than ‘trading’ any increases (if you open up a live accounts) will be free from capital gains taxes. Furthermore to part as an important research tool for helping differentiate between real estate agents, demo accounts are an important section of the learning experience also, affording no-risk trading on real marketplaces to provide an chance to try different trading strategies and put the theory into practice. Especially taking into consideration the known level to which reduction can be magnified in trading CFDs,click the next website in hexaseo.com, demo accounts are essential in bridging the difference between knowledge and experience specially.



Why We Won’t DEVELOP A Stock

Upcoming Free Training Event: How to Kill Your Stress, Frustration and fear as a Trader. The demo accounts is however only valid for two weeks after which it’ll automatically expire – so you will need to start utilizing it right away! When you at first sign in to the demo trading accounts, your money balance will be topped up with $100,000. New to multiply gambling,
a knockout post in hexaseo.com, CFD and cfd trading? A demo account enables you to practise real handles no risk.

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Industry Development Expo, Shenzhen, China

Baoan Industry Development Expo, Shenzhen, China

 Read This! Subscribe to newsletter and get updated with upcoming trade shows, trade fairs, exhibitions and trade events worldwide. Dubbed the fourth industrial revolution, AI technologies are expected to boost global GDP by a further 14 per cent by 2030 – the equivalent of an additional US$15.7 trillion – and China, as the world’s second largest economy, will see an estimated 26 per cent boost to GDP by that time, the PwC report said. To help reach that goal, China aims for sales of 100,000 domestically produced industrial robots a year by 2020, up 49 percent compared with last year, the IFR said in a statement at an industry summit in Shanghai, where the Chinese federation’s chief was speaking. Another recent article states that a survey of six key Chinese robot manufacturers showed that their combined output increased from 2,000 robots in 2011 to 3,200 in 2012.” Last, but certainly not least, Foxconn claims to have manufactured and installed at least 20,000 industrial robots in China in 2011 and 2012. Our magnetic components portfolio includes both power and signal products, used for transportation and industrial applications and we have one of the industry’s most extensive lines of precision and trimming potentiometers, panel pots and tactile switches. It’s why even nowadays we still have so many people with this image that products coming from China are all shoddily made or clones of american/european products, when in fact not only China controls the vast majority of production for most electronics we use in a daily basis, several design decisions and technology advances also happen there.

 Want To Have A More Succesful Business In Shenzhen?

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Forex News: Gold Price June 17 2017 (34)

Desperate Search For Yield Keeps Global Bond Prices High, Banking & Finance

In futures trade, In futures trade, Gold for August delivery was trading 0.36 per cent lower at Rs 29,335. Gold is being highly used these days for manufacturing of the electronic material or goods. While the bidder is quoting a bid price of $1,178.21, the seller is demanding an ask price of $1,178.97. However, I will guarantee that GOLD & SILVER will provide more OPTIONS than 99% of the PAPER ASSETS in the market.

There are now increasing worries that the US Fed would not cut interest rates in its policy meet scheduled in June. But often the opposite is true where the entire change in the gold price is simply a mathematical recalculation of an ever-changing US Dollar value.

The euro was taking in the view at US$1.0737, having climbed 1.2 per cent overnight in its steepest rise since June. Despite Italy’s financial trouble and embarrassing political antics, it has one of the highest gold reserves in the world. The onyl way one can make money by buying gold is to buy the same at the right price.

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