Forex News: Gold Price June 17 2017 (34)

Desperate Search For Yield Keeps Global Bond Prices High, Banking & Finance

In futures trade, In futures trade, Gold for August delivery was trading 0.36 per cent lower at Rs 29,335. Gold is being highly used these days for manufacturing of the electronic material or goods. While the bidder is quoting a bid price of $1,178.21, the seller is demanding an ask price of $1,178.97. However, I will guarantee that GOLD & SILVER will provide more OPTIONS than 99% of the PAPER ASSETS in the market.

There are now increasing worries that the US Fed would not cut interest rates in its policy meet scheduled in June. But often the opposite is true where the entire change in the gold price is simply a mathematical recalculation of an ever-changing US Dollar value.

The euro was taking in the view at US$1.0737, having climbed 1.2 per cent overnight in its steepest rise since June. Despite Italy’s financial trouble and embarrassing political antics, it has one of the highest gold reserves in the world. The onyl way one can make money by buying gold is to buy the same at the right price.

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Forex News: Us Dollar 16 June 2017 (36)

1 Month US Dollar USD LIBOR Interest Rate

The Federal Reserve hiked US interest rates by another 25 basis points yesterday in its third upward move since the financial crisis. By submitting a comment, you accept that CBC has the right to reproduce and publish that comment in whole or in part, in any manner CBC chooses. Please note that CBC does not endorse the opinions expressed in comments. Comments on this story are moderated according to our Submission Guidelines Comments are welcome while open. We reserve the right to close comments at any time.

The company has said that the vast majority of the convertible bondholders are in agreement with the terms and but for internal compliance reasons are not permitted to enter into a lock up agreement. This means Premier may need to take the terms to a vote in order to secure a 75pc approval.

The combination of artificially supported, record high US equities and rising geopolitical tension should be a worry for the SNB as any capitulation on the equity front is likely to invite massive safe haven Franc demand the central bank will be unable to offset, irrespective of the central bank’s commitment to negative rate policy as reflected in this latest policy decision. For now, the SNB is hoping global sentiment will remain artificially elevated and the ECB will take on a more hawkish policy approach in the months ahead. But the key focus for this market going forward will unquestionably be on the performance in US equities given the influence on broader sentiment. Any signs of intensification to the downside will likely invite a pickup in Franc demand and unwanted downside pressure on EURCHF. Certainly the message from the Fed in which it refused to back away from forward guidance will only make the SNB’s job that much tougher.

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Forex News: US Dollar June 15 2017 (40)

1 Month US Dollar USD LIBOR Interest Rate

DailyFX provides forex news and technical analysis on the trends that influence the global currency markets. Though the outlook now appears favourable for a short-term trade on both precious metals, the catalyst (lower US dollar) is likely to be fleeting.

Technically the U.S. left the gold standard in 1971 but, in reality, we abandoned it in 1913 with the creation of the Fed…setting the stage for the collapse of the dollar. Given that this is the 100th anniversary of the creation of the Federal Reserve, it seems only fitting that we should present a brief history of the U.S. dollar debasement since then.

US dollar news for 15/05/2017

The U.S. dollar stages a modest rebound after days of weakness with sentiment boosted by a pair of stronger-than-expected data releases.Related link:

14 – Understanding cfd trading

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FCA Proposes New Rules For CFD Products

There are many CFD providers who allow 24 h per day trading. This means you can do the trading in the evening and even later, after the closing of the market. It takes only seconds to trade, so you don’t need to depend on a dealer for the order processing.

The information on this website is not directed at residents of Australia, Belgium, Canada, New Zealand, Singapore or the United States, and is not intended for distribution to, or use by, any person in any country or jurisdiction where such distribution or use would be contrary to local law or regulation.

The term ‘CFD’ stands for ‘contract for difference’. A CFD creates a contract between two parties speculating on the future movement of an asset’s value (either upwards or downwards) between the time of a contract’s initiation and its close. The remaining amount of the underlying instrument is covered by the CFD provider. Even though the trader puts up only a small portion of the value, they are still entitled to the same gains or losses as they would if they had put up 100% of the trade value.

FCA Proposes New Rules For CFD Products

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What Is The Best CFD Broker From USA For Online Day Trading

What Is The Best CFD Broker From USA For Online Day Trading? Contracts for difference (CFDs) with IG – the flexible way to trade the financial markets. Knowing what drives the markets is one thing, but keeping up to date with those factors as they happen is quite another. With all the theoretical knowledge in the world, you will still fall down as a trader unless you know what’s going on around you, both in terms of market-specific news and current affairs. Keeping up to date with developments allows you to be in a more responsive position, and ensures you don’t get caught out by any essential missed triggers. This means adopting a hands-on approach to your research, reading financial newspapers, blogs and forums, while keeping a close eye on news developments throughout the day. As an area in which you can definitely excel and grab a competitive edge with hard work and determination, keeping up to date with goings on is an invaluable asset to your trading, and will stand you in good stead for picking rational, and hopefully profitable trades. CFD trading can be executed extremely quickly, however this does depend on the broker you use. Some brokers offer trading platforms where you can open and close positions in the blink of an eye. To make CFD trading explained, you should know that on a good platform prices are live and that different automated systems can handle most transactions immediately.related articles:

at prevailing market prices

at prevailing market prices, he could submit an order to buy at $1.01 to get the order done immediately. Since the Ask Price is 1.005, Jasvind’s order is done at $1.005. Alternatively, he could choose to queue at a lower price by submitting a limit order to Buy at $0.98, and his order would only be done if the Ask price reaches $0.98. The range of benefits which can be utilized by anyone undertaking CFD Trading is surprisingly and worth considering. The ability to leverage can dramatically increase your earnings whilst hedging will give you some form of protection. Of course, CFD trading is high risk and leveraging, in particular, can generate huge returns or equally as big losses. It is essential to consider hedging and stop losses to ensure your quest for a high income does not take all your funds and more. A CFD (contract for difference) is a popular type of derivative product that gives traders the ability to speculate on, or hedge on movements in the underlying equity indices and commoditiesrelated articles:

the Israeli financial regulator seeks to finish off the binary options industry.

As binary options trading is growing in popularity the Israeli financial regulator asks from attorney general power to shut binary options industring
Hauser requests power from the Israeli Attorney General to finish off the entire binary options business globally.
Shmuel Hauser, the Chairman of the Israel Securities Authority, has asked Israel’s Attorney General to amend the law to make it illegal for all firms to market or produce binary options services from Israel.

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Pennsylvania is considering reforms of gambling laws

Pennsylvania is currently considering a patchwork quilt of gambling reforms, many of which share little commonality.
At the center of the conversation are online gambling, and the need to fix the local tax share language in the Gaming Act of 2004.
The local tax share fix could be handled as an independent issue, but it’s beginning to look as it will become the bargaining chip that gets online gambling, and perhaps a few other gambling reforms,untill the end of this year.
The fate of online gambling in Pennsylvania will be decided when the Senate meets this coming week.
back in 2004, the state’s lawmakers enacted a gambling law which requires all gambling venues, save for those on the territory of Philadelphia, Valley Forge and Nemacolin, to pay a tax amounting to 2 percent of their overall slots revenue, or roughly $10 million per year.

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